What is Company Loyalty ?

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Have you ever wondered what is company loyalty ? Is there something like that or its just for exploitation or something else ? Lets look it other way round. For instance, you are loyal to company and in turn your employer, is your employer in return loyal to you as well ? If you say yes, I doubt it 🙂

Having said that, is it required to love your company or your work ? If you just love to work for your company and not your job, you are not fulfilling your duties. Top priority should always be your job and work not the company.

When company will do good business, employer will happily say its your company and when its the other way round, the same employer would say this is my company and I have to take some hard decisions 🙂 Is n’t it ?

So its more important and professional to love your job, when you start hating your job look for another opportunity. Do not comprehend company as some religious entity, you may join one and you may leave one. Take the right decision at the right time. Moreover, we should love our families and life. Give as much time to job as essential. Family will keep love you always but company will love you till its aligned according to its goals. As soon as you are no more required the company will stop loving you.

Bottom line is to line up your priorities in the order you would like them to get least effected by other’s decisions imposed on you.

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