Visual Studio 2010

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Microsoft’s new version of Visual Studio i.e., 2010 is coming up with new wave of enhancements and  features. Its major focus will be to ease developers, designers and architects by including advanced  modeling features built in Studio 2010. Along with the studio, enhanced Visual Studio Team System will also be accompanied.

Having said that let’s look at what these feature are:

Modeling Facilities

Microsoft has decided to go extra miles by providing the facility of modeling to developers as well as  business users. UML is also supported. These graphical facilities will ease users and developers to use right tools at the right time.

VSTS improvements

In order to improve the productivity and efficiency, new VSTS include features to remove non-reproducible bugs, and quick deployment for highest degree of completenes. It will also provide progress trakcing and ensure all code paths are properly tested.

Life cycle management

Major focus is on managing life cycle effectively so that less time is being consumed on managing life cycle and the collaboration is easy to maintain. Teams can track work items easily and hierarchical work item relationships are supported as well. Using TFS one can track changes across branches.

Above features are just a glimpse of what will be included in VSTS 2010. There is no shipping date as such available but we can hope to get a stable version before the time as its name implies 🙂

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