SharePoint 2010 Surprises

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SharePoint 2010 has come up with a lot of new features and enhancements which are really cool. Yet there are some features 2010 do not even go for, which really surprises me. Here are these:

.Net 4 Support

I was really surprised to know that SharePoint 2010 has been built on top of .Net 4 and more surprisingly seeing no plans to go for it. Being shipped along with new family of .net framework but yet with no support really “surprises” me

SSRS Reports Development

SSRS reports development for simpler entities in SharePoint is easier. But when we go to develop SSRS reports on top of SharePoint, we have to work with the very non-user friendly SharePoint content database ourselves. Which means we have to write queries on top of content database, instead of using SharePoint API. I was expecting that better support for SSRS reports development will be provided in 2010. Yet I see no progress in this new version too.

Next/Previous Link in DataFormWebPart

There is an optinon to put next/previous links when we work with DataFormWebPart. In 2007 version, the previous link did not work correctly. Even in 2010 it remains the same. What previous link does is that instead of going to the previous page in webpart, it goes to the browser’s history page.

The above is a short list but along with many enhancements, SP 2010 comes with many surprises too.

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