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Software Release Methodology – A CASE Study

Software Release Management is an important key technology for distributing the project/product to the customer. The key success factor of any Software Product lies in how delicately the product is released to the customer. The traditional SCM system does not guarantee to handle Release Management issues of a complex system. Complex systems involve complex database, N-tiers just to name a few. Each kind of application involves special technical consideration from a release perspective. In this paper, we analyze different quality parameters related to the release of a product. These parameters should be handled through Software Release Model. The chosen model that supports those parameters is discussed. A controlled environment is tested for those parameters through the use of this model.


CIIT Workshop on research in Computing 2005.
Software Configuration Management Issues in Product Development


After more than 20 years of research and practice in software configuration management (SCM), constructing consistent configurations of versioned software products still remains a dispute. Software Configuration Management (SCM) is viewed as an important key technology in software development. In general the configuration management task is about the description, instantiation and building of systems on the basis developed modules. Despite recent advances in software configuration management, constructing consistent configuration of large and complex versioned software products is a challenge. SCM related issues like version control, product model, release management and change management just to name a few are discussed in detail and the solutions to these issues are discussed in the paper.

IEEE Students Conference (ISCON) 2002.

Location Commerce at a Glance


Technology advances are leading resulting organizational and institutional changes, which will have a profound impact on the “positioning professions”, as well as on the community in general. Location commerce or “L-Commerce” has become the latest buzzword to circulate among telecommunications industry watchers tracking new trends in the wireless arena. L-Commerce will help connect businesses with their most qualified customers, quickly direct individuals to the services they desire, and even increase the efficiency of emergency services. L-Commerce has combined the technologies of mobile computing/wireless communication with Global Positioning System (GPS), to provide a wide range of location-dependent services to the general public (such as roadside assistance, concierge services, location-sensitive advertising). By using the location services, people would be experiencing the world really as a ‘Global Village’

Fast IEEE Students Conference (FISC), 1998.

Speech Recognition through Neural Networks

Speech Recognition is a process by which a computer maps an acoustic speech signal to text. Speech recognition is being done through several stages. We have done research for our final year project for BCS program that recognizes Consonant Vowel pairs of Urdu using Neural Networks. Multi Layered Feed Forward Perceptron Neural Network is used to generate output.

Fast IEEE Students Conference (FISC), 1998.
Building Software Agents for Training Systems Intelligent Java Tutoring Systems (IJTS)


Training is a major endeavor in all-modern professional practices. New personnel must be trained to perform a particular task. In this poster, we presented an idea of a JAVA Training & Learning Environment, called Intelligent JAVA Tutoring System (IJTS). The learning environment incorporates an interface agent called MasterJee to support training of Java language in this knowledge domain. MasterJee acts both as a demonstrator and as assistant to the user. MasterJee adjusts itself to the user’s needs with time. MasterJee acts as a demonstrator for a novice user to enhance his skills to become master and acts as an assistant for a master user to enhance his skills to eventually become an expert.

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