Nintex Upgrade from 2010 to 2013

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Upgrading products is as inevitable as paying taxes 🙂 so is the case for Nintex. Nintex upgrade from the previous 2010 version to 2013 is quite easy, however with the passage of time some un-used references and related things creates some problems too. Overall the procedure of the upgrade is simple. Following can be done like 1,2,  3 & 4:

  • Download Nintex products (Forms & Workflows), if you need both
  • Install Nintex products on all the Central Admin servers in the farm (usually one, but in case you have central admin hosted on two sites, install Nintex on both servers)
  • Follow the upgrade instructions from Nintex document Upgrade Doc.
  • Configure the configuration & content DB (if different from configuration DB). Use old DB to replace the default DB

In my case, when I tried to mount the content DB, I face an exception. I tried doing it form the front end & also using NWADmin tool but it did not work. The exception is shown below:


The error specified here about cast not valid is the usual error thrown in almost case of any error in Nintex. Upon troubleshooting it revealed that the reason is NULL references. If you execute the following command on Nintex DB you will see the NULL reference. The SQL command is following:


In the list of records you will see that there will be a matching record too without any NULL. We only need to copy the value of WebApplicationID and paste in the record showing NULL. The following command will do that:


After that if you mount the content DB in Nintex, you won’t receive any errors.

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