Modify the View Sorting Order

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After creating a list, we may create views on it. Different views give us the desired look and feel we want. You may encounter a problem as listed below:


You click on your list and select a view to open up. You edit an item and when you return back either by clicking OK or Cancel, you will be navigated to a default view instead of the view you were in. This issue arises primarily when you access your sharepoint site out of the network i.e., through internet.


The solution is that you modify the sorting order of views in the drop down list. In order for that, you need to select your view as default view. By doing so, your view will be listed first in the drop down. The order will be modified.

In order to make your view default, goto Site Settings, then select your list and click on your view that you wanted to mark as default. In your view, you will see a checkbox saying “select this view as default”. Check that option and you are done.

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