Message of Condolence for Sri Lanka

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I feel deep sorrow over the incident happened with Sri Lankan team here in Pakistan. As a Pakistani, I feel sorrow and ashamed as well not being able to provide you (Sri Lankan Team) with the hospitality and security that you (Sri Lankan Team) deserve. We Pakistanis condemn all such terrorist activities and would like to stand by you. Please accept our sorrow, and grief over this incident. We would like to play with your team again and again. And please do not consider this incident to stop playing cricket with us OR may it effect Pakistan’s relationship with Sri Lanka.

I do not have a lot of words to condol you as I am short of words and words might not heal all of it.

Please send this message of condolence to all of the following:

Duleep Mendis
Chief Executive Officer

Charith Senanayake
Head of Marketing

Ashley de Silva
Head of Operations

Jerome Jayaratne
Head of Coaching

Chandramalie Korale
Head of Finance

Media Manager

B H Perera
Administration Manager

Chandima Mapatuna
Manager – Tournaments

Ronnie Gunaratne
Manager – Umpires

Chanaka Senanayake
Head of Legal & HR

Above addresses are taken from

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