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Document creation in itself is a tedious job as each document involves a different template and for each template the data has to be captured accurately. The template however can be automated with some key fields fetching data centrally. However still there are many problems are there like:

  • Data synchronization between the document and the CRM tool
  • Manual work to update document data could be misleading as it will not be providing the accurate data
  • If multiple users are working simultaneously on the same document, it would further add to the problem
  • Data collection needs coordination between multiple departments or tools to retrieve the consolidated data involving a lot of communication being done for the document creation
  • And the most important aspect, the documents created are based merely on the infidel or team output not following a set organizational process.

With the help of Drawloop from Nintex, the document generation can be an automated process which can fetch data from Salesforce, or any other third party tool. When the document generation from centralized data is coupled with the workflow to automate the process as well, it is just awesome.

This gives the advantage of:

  • Centralized and up-to-date data in the documents
  • Business rules execution on the document generation
  • Auto-generation of document with a defined set of steps with all the required data already there

LinkedIn has implemented Drawloop and saving a lot of time of their sales staff. You can find the details here

5.00 avg. rating (96% score) - 1 vote


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