Disater Recovery — Sound Good

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Disaster recovery is something every one looks to here is in place. In fact very few companies ever tried to actually review the plan and exercise is as well. In hard economic situations, organizations find it hard to actually implement disaster recovery practices with full strength but they also need it for a good selling point.

UK CMI institute conducted a survey of over 750 organizations in UK, about half of which only has some disaster recovery mechanism. Out of those 75% told that they have “untested” disaster recovery practices. Disaster recovery and business continuity needs a coordinated effort of multiple teams. Accoridng to Experts, if disaster recovery is not well understood across the board, its not more than a fig leaf.

Executives are just interested to look at the plan and see it in practice but very seldom any organization has performed a drill on those practices to see if at any point in time there will be a disaster, how soon will we be able to recover and continue our business again. An organization has reported this which has happened to them:

Good planning also looks at the extended enterprise — including outside vendors and key partners. “One company in New Orleans outsourced its website to another local company,” said Corcoran. “They asked the vendor: do you have a business continuity plan? The answer was yes. That’s all the company asked. They never validated it, understood it or tested it. When they were knocked out of business by Katrina, they realized their website was also gone. Later the vendor explained, ‘Well, we don’t really have a plan. We have insurance.’”
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